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Welcome to the web site for Classic Hats for Men!

We offer a selection of some of the finest new dress hats and casual caps available anywhere.
Prices range from $15 to $250. Let us help you find the hat of your dreams!
See Contact Information below.

Homburg Derby Fedora
The Homburg, $75-$150 The Derby, $75-$115 The Fedora, $70-$250
Bailey, Biltmore, Borsalino, Langenburg (Bever Brand) and Stetson are some of the manufacturers of fine hats that we carry in stock.
Visit the Biltmore Hats web page, but be sure to come back!

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Shop Exterior
The exterior of the hat shop
In non-virtual space, the hatshop is located on the first floor of our 1895 Victorian-era house in the Sherman Hill National Register Historic District. We invite you to visit us both here in the virtual world and in person whenever you're in the neighborhood of Des Moines, Iowa. The hatshop is open every Saturday from 9am to 5pm, Central Time, and now at many other times by appointment. Contact Judy McClure or Jon White.

E-mail us, drop us a note or call!

How to buy a hat with us by phone:

Determine your hat size before you contact us. If you have not bought a hat recently, you will need to measure your head to check your current hat size. (Any changes in your weight -- or thickness or amount of hair -- can change your hat size.)

Measure the circumference of your head approximately level around the thickest part of the head. (This is about a finger's width above the ears.) If you have a cloth tape with inches on one side and centimeters on the reverse, write down the measurement both ways.

We'll happily work with you by phone to match you to the color, style and size of hat you want with what we have in stock, but the best fit will happen if you visit us in person.

Contact Information:

Jon White, Owner
Jon White, Owner

Classic Hats for Men
654 - 19th Street
Des Moines, IA 50314
(515) 244-7884
Open Saturdays from 9 - 5 Central Time
and by Appointment

E-mail us at hatshop@aol.com.